Thanksgiving: A Special Time for Family and Friends

Thanksgiving is almost here. Can’t you just smell the wonderful aroma of fresh baked pumpkin and apple spice pies hot out of the oven?  Just to think about the tantalizing taste of a piece of pie with whipped cream or ice cream, or maybe both would make anyone’s mouth water.  It is not only the good food but I a wonderful time of year for family gatherings and for renewing old friendships.

As the aroma of your pie’s whiffs through the air- something else picks up the awesome scent. Hmm, just a solitary ant, nothing to worry about, so you squish it. Problem solved and disaster averted! Well not exactly because what you do not see in the shadows is its’ sister, (all worker ants are sterile females), and she has picked up the scent as well.

Now very excited about her find of fresh pies, she begins to wave her antenna to determine the exact location. The antenna of ants has special receptor cells designed to detect molecules from a food source as far away as 1000 feet. They are continually hunting and searching for these unique and special molecules from their next meal to reach them- the survival of the colony depends on it.

So, she stops dead in her tracks, rotates her head slightly then with a sinister smile says, “Got You!” Well, actually ants do not smile or talk, at least not in the language we understand. However, they communicate in the language through scents or pheromones. These are the triggers set in motion for their fine-tuned and instinctive food hunting skills.

She quickly returns to the nest with a small sample of her findings that she picked up from the kitchen floor. That is when the whole family (colony) gets involved. Thousands of ants seemingly appear out of nowhere and they are targeting not just your pies, but also your whole Thanksgiving dinner. They are highly organized, relentless, and fast to seize upon this opportunity for their own Thanksgiving feast.

They are determined to walk off with or even worse, contaminate the hours of work you put into preparing that special dinner for your family and friends. In what seems the blink of an eye they can and have ruined many a Thanksgiving Day family dinner!

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With Merle on the job ants and other pests will have no chance of running your special day.  She has the perfect solution so you can enjoy your holiday worry and pest free. For the right program to protect you, your family, your pets, your home and our environment, CALL Merle today your Eugene Pest Control Expert.  In Eugene and surrounding areas 541-915-7581 or in Salem and surrounding areas.