Here we are, another year is drawing to a close. The magical time of Christmas is just around the corner. If you listen carefully, you can hear the echo of laughter and the joyful sounds of celebration as family and friends of years past gathered around the Christmas tree…

Times are changing, but you can still hear “Merry Christmas” even though there is a great attempt to replace it with “Happy Holiday’s”.

It is interesting to note that sometime around the 12th century the term “merry” had a very different meaning than it does today. Our ancestors knew the very special meaning of the seasonal greeting “Merry Christmas”.

Over the centuries, the English language, like all others, has evolved into what it is today. In like manner, the word “Merry” in Merry Christmas has evolved and does not hold to the same meaning that it once did. We tend to relate this word as meaning happy or joyful.

It may surprise you to learn that the word in the original English actually meant“mighty andpowerful in substance or belief”. That is amazing!

In its truest sense, “Merry Christmas” means to have a mighty and powerful belief in a living Savior. The phrase is an acknowledgment that Jesus is the special and unique Son of God.

Even the song, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” reflects and acknowledges the mighty and powerful conviction in the birth of the King. When you consider the words of the song in the context of the original English language, you will see what it really portrays. Here is a paraphrase of this song: “Take Rest You Mighty and Powerful Gentlemen (Christians); resting in the fact that the Savior is here to free us from our fears and worries.

Itis through Him we are being made “mighty” because of our belief and faith in Him.

“Gentlemen”, is an interesting term for it refers toone’snobility. It is not our nobility; it is His living in and through us today; it is a testament to His kindness, and love toward and for us. This is what makes us noble inGod’ssight.

It is not just a religious “mighty and powerful”, even in the secular world; ever hear of the story of “Robin Hood and HisMerryMen”? Merry is a direct reference to the fact they were “mighty” and “powerful” warriors. They were greatly feared and even deeply respected by the king and his army.

When someone wishes you a “Merry Christmas“, take a moment to reflect on its meaning that a mighty, majestic, and powerful Savior has come.

It is from a joyful heart that I send you Christmas greetings. From Merle’s Pest Control to you and your family- Have a Mighty, Powerful and Merry Christmas!

Even though it is cold outside, it is springtime inside your home. If you have, any questions about pest control during these cold and wintry months please give me a call at 541-514-3027. I am always here to help you keep your Christmas and winter environment pest-free and memorable.

Here are some helpful and practical Christmas tree hints:

When preparing for Christmas there are several things to keep in mind. Always hose down your tree outside before you set it up. This will remove not only excessive debris but will also remove any nesting insects. Yes, spiders love to nest in Christmas trees. Also if you are going to cut a tree yourself out in the forest, keep in mind to watch for poison oak and ivy…one customer had a Christmas from Hell as the put it because they cut a tree themselves from the forest and did not notice that it was full of poison oak. Christmas morning they awoke to the itching and blistering…

Christmas trees consume a great deal of water, especially during the first couple of days. The first few days are important to keep the reservoir full until gradually you won’t need as much water.

Many people add ingredients to the water to prolong the life of the tree. Some common additives are sugar,aspirin and even 7-up. These are tall myths that do not work. The only item you need to add is water to maintain a green and healthy tree.

Keep the tree away from direct sunlight, heating vents, radiators, and most of all fireplaces. When possible use LED lights, they consume less energy and produce far less moisture robbing heat.

For more useful Christmas tips send me, an email atmerlespestcontrol@yahoo.comI will be more than happy to respond with some useful Christmas suggestions; and even my favorite Christmas recipe.