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What are those nasty flying insects in my kitchen, pantry and laundry room? They seem to be everywhere! Welcome to the world of the Indian Meal Moth, (Plodia interpunctella), or sometimes called chocolate moth, weevil moth, pantry moth, flour moth, grain moth or tobacco moth. These insects are very common pantry pest and found around the world. Contact Us Today for help with your Eugene Moth Control problem.

Here in our world, Eugene and the surrounding areas, they have proven to be a nuisance contaminating your stored food products. All the products they infest must be removed and thrown out. Actually, I have found that most people throw out all pantry foods because they are not sure which is contaminated. What I have found that works extremely well is to take all the pantry items that are not in cans, a practical list follows shortly and put them in the freezer for 72 hours. This will destroy the eggs and break the life cycle, which means faster control of the problem. Then at your convenience, you can go through the dozens of packages until you discover the webbing in the contaminated product. The freezing process serves two purposes. First, it stops and breaks the life cycle of the moth by destroying the eggs. Secondly, since you are not throwing everything out, you probably will save enough money to pay for the pest service.

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During the 5 to 7 day life span, the adult female Indian Meal Moth can lay 350-500 eggs. You multiply that by several hundred live adults and in a very short time, you have a serious problem. The adult moth is generally light brown in color and has a wingspan of approximately 3/4″. Examining the wings you will notice the coloration, the front of the wing tends to be light pale to gray in color while the bottom half is a reddish bronze. The major purpose of the adult is reproducing the next generation that will invade your pantry.

The adults lay their eggs in various foods including grains and grain products, they can also be found in boxed cereal, nuts, flour, dried fruit, Taco shells, chocolates and pet foods. This is where the larvae comes in and does the most damage to your food products. Its appearance is worm-like and is generally an off-white color. This stage feeds in areas that are well protected. They can and do chew through paper, and cardboard and even low-grade plastic bags to reach their food source. Once at their food source they form an extensive amount of webbing over the food items they infest. One advantage, this webbing makes it easy to spot infested products. So look for the webbing in your favorite boxed cereal, pasta, grain products, nuts, seeds, pets foods, and yes they love your chocolates. Moreover, the list goes on. Just about anything in your pantry that is not canned is likely to become infested.

Now the Pupa stage forms a silk cocoon on its way to becoming an adult moth. It should be noted that while in this state they are protected from all chemical treatments. There are no pesticides that will affect this stage of its development. However, once they emerge as adult moths, they become highly susceptible to many available chemicals.

The cocoons are generally located in areas where the wall meets the ceiling. But most often they are in a protected area that is not visible. This is where professional help is needed as I know where they hide. It is their instinct to crawl to a hidden area where they make their cocoons to pupate. They are even found in areas far from the visibly infested foods. This is why the whole house and not just the kitchen and pantry must be treated. However, do not worry, all the materials I use are safe enough to be used in hospitals, they are also effective enough to solve this pest problem. So you can relax, I am here to help.
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OK. Now how did you get the moth in the first place? The most likely source is you bought in an already infested product from your local grocery store. They are not the bad guys. For they go to great lengths to avoid your having this problem. But they are not perfect nor are their suppliers. They try the best not to let this happen, occasionally they fail. The result is what you have to deal with now. Unfortunately, when you placed the infested product in your pantry or storage area the immature stages of the moth will more than likely crawl into your other food packages and infest them as well.

Unfortunately, it does happen, an unnoticed infested product is eaten. Gross as it may be it does happen. The only good news is, it is not going to harm you or your pet. These moths are not disease carriers. Other than feeling nauseous upon finding out what you just ate, you will be fine. Besides that, they are rather crunchy.

Most moths are attracted to light and will fly towards it. However, the Indian Meal Moth is nocturnal, preferring some darkness and is most active at night. Therefore, its instincts are to fly away from a light source.

When infested food products are discovered, (if you cannot find any, just keep on looking), they must be removed so no food source exists for the moth to feed on. This will interrupt the life cycle of the moth which aids in its control. Sanitation is a must. It is extremely important that all infested products be removed immediately. Do not put them in the trashcan in the kitchen, as that would only add to your problem. Take them to an outside disposal area. And don’t forget the bag of nuts that fell behind the sofa in the family room. Then thoroughly vacuum the corners of all cabinet shelves or any area adjacent to the food storage area using the crevice tool attachment. This will remove any insects living in those areas. As a precaution, throw out the vacuum bag as well in an outside trash receptacle.

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You may find it difficult to treat this problem yourself because of the specialized materials and equipment. It would not be prudent for you to treat your kitchen and pantry area with pesticides. This type of application takes more knowledge, training, and skill than most homeowners have. The wise choice is to call Merle Jackson because I have the skills and training necessary to correctly and safely treat your home. In addition, we have the necessary tools to do the job right while protecting you, your family, your pets and our environment. The entire house, every room will need to be treated to insure the problem is taken care of in a professional manner. Otherwise, the moths may re-infest your home and that would not make you happy.

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