Spring is here…and so are the ants…

As we enter the month of April, spring is beginning to arrive…did you see that, an ant peaking around the corner? It’s getting ready to investigate its newly found treasures trove of wondrous foods in your pantry.

As the spring season starts a new brood of ants will be hatching very soon now. Which means the fully mature ants will begin to desperately search for new sources of food to feed the young workers…your fresh baked cookies on the kitchen counter are not safe.

No one likes to discover that Sugar Ants or Odorous House Ants have invaded their home; especially in your fresh baked cookies. Worse yet, once they are established, it can be a nightmare to get rid of them…unless of course you call Thad at Merle’s Pest Control 541-514-3027, she has all the tools and necessary skills using the latest technology to rid your home of these pesky critters.

What Are They?

To begin with, it is important to understand that there are two ants that are commonly called Sugar Ants. The first is actually a Sugar Ant, they like feeding on sweet things like cookie crumbs, spilled syrup. They love your doughnuts and sweet rolls that you have with your morning coffee. The other ant is the Odorous House Ant. Its diet consists of protein-based foods rather than sugar. You will usually find them in your pet’s food dish, around the garbage can, or on the stove. They are very distinct form Sugar Ants; if you crush one it produces a bad odor.

Either ant is an expert at finding food because they have five times more odor sensing receptors than other insects. With which they can very quickly and precisely find a meal in your kitchen, bedroom, and family room or where ever crumbs and spills may happen. Even the tiniest crumb or dab of syrup hidden in a crack or crevice on counters or in drawers or on the floor will be quickly located. Just one single scout finding a food source can quickly turn into hundreds or even thousands of foraging and feeding ants.

How Do I Get Rid of Them?

Getting rid of Sugar Ants is a challenging task. For by the time you see a problem; they are already well established in or near your house. The big mistake we make is to ignore just a few ants. This unfortunately gives them the time they need to quickly escalate their numbers into a problem of thousands of ants.

If you find yourself overwhelmed, call Thad at Merle’s Pest Control today at 541-514-3027. She has a clear understanding of which materials are the most effective and safest, as well as how to properly apply them to protect you, your family, your pets and our environment.

In the mean time, there are a several things you can do to help reduce chances of an ant invasion. First, clean the kitchen clean, of all crumbs of food and seal pet food for overnight storage. Next, trim all bushes and shrubs away from the house, otherwise, ants will use foliage as a bridge to avoid coming in contact with any materials placed around the outside of the house. In the same manner, trim all trees away from the house so that branches do not touch the siding or roof. The more avenues of contact you remove the better chances you have of gaining control of your ant problem.

An ant problem should not be taken lightly because ants can and do present a potential health risk. Here is why, one moment ants are on your bathroom floor. As they travel they can be contaminated with some harmful bacteria. From the bathroom via the electrical wiring in your walls their next stop is your kitchen. Once there they can contaminate any food left out. They will even contaminate your food preparation areas.

Who Do I Call?

Before your ant problem escalates into a nightmare, call Thad today, 541-514-3027 for straight answers, no hype, no intimidation, no pressure, and just honest answers to all your pest control concerns.

Thad does the job right the first time. Being a specialist, he provides you with a program of control specifically designed for your home or business. His programs for ant control are so effective and safe you can be assured of results that will put your mind at ease. Thad also has the highest regard for your family’s safety. His treatments will always protect you, your family, pets, and our environment while solving your toughest pest problems. He will do so by using the latest technology and equipment to solve your pest problem. Call him today at 541-514-3027 for results you will see tomorrow.