The simple fact is, no one likes spiders in their home (especially in the bedroom late at night) not you, your family, or even your pets…however cats seem to enjoy hunting them, especially Hobo spiders.

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The Good and the Bad

Spiders outside your home can provide a beneficial service; they eat other insects such as silverfish, flies, wasps, cockroaches as well as many other insects.

However, when found inside your home, this is an entirely different matter. For once inside they set up housekeeping, and they intend to stay. This is where they find ample sources of food (other insects), and a source of water (that is why you will find them in your sink or bathtub). Your home will also provide the ideal shelter to protect them from the hot summer days. Spiders have a waxy film covering their bodies. If they are exposed to high temperatures this waxy film becomes semi-fluid causing them to lose vital fluids. It is the springtime temperatures inside your home or garage that provide the perfect shelter during the heat of a summer day.

Many people do not realize that spiders are nocturnal; this means they are very active at night: they do not remain idle. They are hunters looking for their meal or midnight snack. While their primary source for food consists of other insects, if disturbed they can and will bite you, your family, or pets. They can even end up in your bedroom. Few things are more frightening than waking up in the darkness of night and seeing their beady red eyes staring right at your face. There it is poised and ready to jump right at you. It takes little imagination to know what happens next…and it is not pleasant.

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Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts about spiders I thought you and your family might enjoy:

  1. Spiders have blue blood just like snails and octopuses.
  2. Spider silk is liquid at the beginning and only becomes solid in the air.
  3. Spiders only have muscles to pull their legs inwards. But some spiders do not have the opposite extensor muscles. Therefore, they move them outwards by pumping blood into them.
  4. There are different types of spiders in which the female eats the male before, during, or after copulation
  5. Around 35,000 different types of spiders are known worldwide.
  6. The Sydney funnel-web spider’s venom can be used after an individual has a stroke to prevent brain damage.
  7. In total, all spiders eat around 800 million tons of prey per year.
  8. Some spiders live together on a web after mating.
  9. Jumping spiders can even see the ultraviolet spectrum. This enables them to jump from branch to branch.
  10. The water spider (Argyroneta aquatica) spins a dense web out of silk, which it uses like a diving bell.

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