Eugene Mice Control Company

Eugene Mice Control Company

There are many species of mice, but the most common one found in homes and business in the Eugene and surrounding areas is the House Mouse (Mus musculus). This mouse is generally a small and slim rodent with a pointed nose and dark protruding eyes. It is the most troublesome of all warm-blooded home invaders.

The mouse is a native of Asia and arrived in the U.S. hitching a ride on merchant ships that carried settlers to America. Once here they adapted, very comfortably, to living with humans in our homes, offices, and restaurants, as well as other commercial places. In these comfortable environments, the mouse can live for about 5 months. During that time, they will consume and contaminate food, spread diseases and do structural damage.

What is that horrible pungent odor coming from under the kitchen sink and why has the dishwasher stopped working? Those little black specks are everywhere in the kitchen cupboards, where did they come from, and what are they? In most cases, mice caused it. As they run, they urinate on everything leaving behind a very distinct odor. The black specks are their droppings. Since mice are constantly exploring, usually they only travel 10 to 30 feet from their nest, their contamination is limited but still very destructive. Because they are excellent climbers, they can run straight up a wall where two vertical walls meet. This unique ability gives them easy access to your kitchen counters and cupboards. Once on the counter or in the cupboards they begin to sample everything and contaminate all the food they come in contact with as they scurry over them. They also contaminate your plates, cups, silverware, napkins, dishtowels and even open food containers on your counter.

Eugene Mice Control Company - Mouse Teeth

Mice teeth grow 6 inches per year, and they will gnaw on almost anything to keep their teeth from growing right through their skulls. Because of their need to gnaw on various items, mice do cause a serious amount of damage not only to the house itself but also to furniture and prized possessions sorted in your attic. Among things, they will destroy are books, paintings, stored rugs, and even clothing. I have seen cases where mice have gnawed on the wiring of a dishwasher and were electrocuted while shorting out the dishwasher and destroying the circuit board, a very costly repair. If they are in your home, you should be concerned for mice are one of the primary causes of fires in the home by causing electrical shorts. Now that does not mean if you have mice your house will catch fire, but rather there is that possibility so take their presence seriously.
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Eugene Mice Control

The House Mouse is capable of gaining entrance to your home by gnawing, climbing and jumping; they are even relative good swimmers. In addition, a mouse can squeeze through a hole in a wall, gaps around plumbing and electrical cabling as small as a dime. That is why rodent-proofing your home is important. The more potential areas of the entrance you eliminate the greater your chances of gaining control and eliminating them.

Eugene Mice Control Company - Mouse Hiding

Now here is what you can do to effectively obstruct and discourage them from entering your home. First, inside your home keep bulk foods stored in sealed containers and keep these containers away from walls. Keep pet food in sealed containers and pick up pet food and water at night. Do not leave any food on the kitchen counters or tables overnight. Make sure floors in dining or cooking areas are swept or vacuumed to remove any crumbs. Even with the best sanitation and housekeeping, you will not totally stop a mouse that is determined to get in. So be sure to seal all holes and gaps over 1/4 inch. Look for possible points of entry including under doors that do not properly seal when closed, garage doors that have gaps along the sides and bottom, any pipes that enter the foundation or siding are also possible points of entry.

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Eugene Mice Control Company

Outside, check foundation vents to be sure there are no holes or tears, repair any damaged areas. Remove weeds, overgrown grass, scrubs and bushes away from the foundation. This will eliminate sheltering areas. Also, remove lumber and firewood as well as other materials stacked up against the house or garage.

Mice are easily frightened, by sudden and unfamiliar sounds. However, they can just as quickly adjust to them. Since they adapt quickly, ultrasound devices do not work for mice control. It will not stop them from getting in your home. Nor will it cause them to leave. Once in your home they require very little space to build their nest. Your living room sofa will do nicely, or the desk in your office or even a cluttered storage closet, or the mattress in your spare bedroom.

Eugene Mice Control Company - Baby Mice

Since mice do not hibernate, they breed throughout the year. New litters of 5 or 6 young are born 19 to 21 days after mating. When born they are blind and they are also hairless. Within less than 2 weeks, their eyes open and they are no longer hairless. At this stage, they begin to explore the world outside the nest. Within 3 weeks, they are able to eat solid food and reproduce in as little as 6 weeks. Each female will have up to 10 litters per year. You can imagine, at that rate, it does not take long for a single mouse to create a problem that is out of control.
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Eugene Mice Control Company

Sometimes in warehouses or in grocery store stock rooms, a mouse problem develops. These facilities work very hard to avoid mouse problems, but it does happen. Occasionally mice will run across the top of stored pop cans, and as they run, they urinate on them. So be sure to wash your pop cans before use.

Eugene Mice Control Company - Mouse Eating

House mice eat many types of food but prefer seeds and grains. They are not hesitant to eat new foods and are “nibblers,” sampling many kinds of items in their environment. They are also meat eaters as well, and if there is very little food, they will eat each other. It is simply a matter of survival, and they will eat whatever it takes to survive. Water is not a major problem for them. They get most of their need for water from the foods they eat. On the other hand, a lack of an adequate source of water may reduce their breeding; this is a real plus for gaining control. That is why it is important to pick up your pets water dish at night.

The house mouse is nocturnal; they do most of their feeding and exploring at night. If you are seeing active mice during the day, it is an indicator of a more serious problem than you initially thought.

Mice have very poor eyesight, but have a superior sense of hearing, smelling as well as taste. They can sense food from a considerable distance, and with their delicate sense of touch, they can quickly navigate through most areas to reach a food source.

When mice live in or around structures, they usually cause some degree of damage. In homes and commercial buildings, they may feed on various stored food items or pet foods, contaminating far more food than they eat. In addition, as they travel in search of food they will urinate on food, contaminating them with their droppings, and hair. This contamination to food products makes it unfit for resale to humans.

The food they contaminate is not the only problem. Mice can carry both disease organisms and parasites. Here are a few that they can bring into your home: salmonellosis (food poisoning), rickettsialpox, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis. They can also carry leptospirosis, ratbite fever, tapeworms, and organisms that can cause ringworm. This is another important reason you need to eliminate your mouse problem starting today!

Mouse Damage

There is evidence that you can look for that indicates you have a mouse. This includes looking for footprints in dusty areas, noticing the pungent odor of their urine. If you have a black light, mouse urine will fluoresce under ultraviolet light. This will give you a way to track their activity. Additionally, smudge marks on walls, around pipes, and up along rafters will provide indicators of their traveling and that a mouse problem does exist.

Then there is their gnawing on your furniture, doors, baseboards and other surfaces. Often times you can hear their gnawing the timbers inside the walls, most annoying at 2:00am when you are trying to sleep. We have all, at one time or another, seen mice during the day. You may see them as they scurry across your kitchen floor. All these various events are clear evidence you have a developing problem with mice.

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Eugene Mice Control Company Mouse Trap

There are a number of products and materials available for mice control. In the marketplace, you will find everything from mechanical traps to commercial bait. Most work some of the time. Using the wrong type of bait for mice can cause them to develop a bait shyness, which can persist for months making it exceedingly more difficult to gain control. The wrong method of control actually does not solve the problem but adds significantly to its difficulty. The last thing you need at this point is a bigger problem.
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As a final point of interest, the word mouse actually came from the Ongnate of Snaskrit which is an ancient language from India. Its actual translation means, “to steal”. As it turns out, mice are in the truest sense thieves. They steal food in fact and they contaminate more than 10% of the amount of food they eat, that is because they are nibblers. When done, what is left behind are many contaminated foods that must be thrown out. Now you have the added expense of replacing all your damaged foods.

That is why it is important if you have a mouse problem, and before it becomes a serious one to call us at Merles’ Pest Control 541-514-3027 . I have the right materials to solve your mice problem quickly, effectively, and safely. W will rid your home of these nasty pests while protecting you, your family, your pets, and our environment.

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Eugene Mice Control Company

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