Eugene Sugar Ant Control

Eugene Sugar Ant Control

In Eugene and the surrounding areas, nobody likes to discover that Sugar Ants or Odorous House Ants have invaded their home.

First, it is important to understand that there are two ants that are called Sugar Ants. The first is actually a Sugar Ant, they like feeding on sweet things like cookie crumbs, spilled syrup. They love your doughnuts and sweet rolls that you have with your morning coffee. The other ant is the Odorous House Ant. Its diet consists of protein-based foods rather than sugar. You will usually find them in your pet’s food dish, around the garbage can, or on the stove.

Ants are experts at finding food because they have five times more odor receptors than other insects. They very quickly and precisely find a meal in your kitchen, bedroom, and family room or where ever crumbs and spills may happen. Even the tiniest crumb or dab of syrup hidden in a crack or crevice on counters or in drawers or on the floor will be quickly located. Just one single scout finding a food source can quickly turn into hundreds or even thousands of foraging and feeding ants.

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Getting rid of Sugar Ants is a challenging task and that is because too many people wait far too long to start a program of Eugene ant control. Once a problem starts with just a few ants it can quickly escalate into a problem of thousands of ants invading a home or business. Even though there are many good products available, choosing the right ones that are safe to use in your home and around your family and pets can be a very difficult and confusing task.

It is not only the right materials to use but having the right technology to know where and how to apply them. Using the wrong materials or improperly placed materials can actually repel ants causing a greater and more difficult problem to resolve.

So what can you do? First of all keep the kitchen clean, making sure all crumbs of food are cleaned away, make sure all pet food is placed in a sealed container for overnight storage. Outside the house make sure all bushes and shrubs are trimmed away from the house, otherwise, ants will use foliage as a bridge to avoid coming in contact with any materials placed around the outside of the house. In the same manner, trim all trees away from the house so that branches do not touch the siding or roof. The more avenues of contact you remove the better chances you have of gaining control of your ant problem.

Eugene Sugar Ant Control

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Eugene Sugar Ant Control exterminator Merle JacksonIf the problem persists, the good news is, I have the right technology, the right skills, and products that will give you a safe and effective solution. It is my goal and promise to you that I will never put you or your family at risk while solving your pest problem. Effective and safe treatments are all I offer. We will personally design a program for you that will work and brings results quickly and safely.

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