You can just hear the panic in their voices, Oh NO! Thad has put up the “Oh No Zone”! We are in trouble; we need to get out of here NOW! ….

While insects do not have voices, they do have a strong instinct for survival. Therefore, when they come across the Zone, instinct kicks in.

At Merle’s Pest Control, we realize the importance of treating both inside and outside of your home or business. We create a Zone of protection that puts fear into the most persistent and resistance pest.

Without this Zone, any pest will have access to your kitchen, bathroom, and even your bedroom. Now that is a frightful thought.

It is the job of each individual worker to ensure the survival of the colony, even at the cost of the individual worker’s life.

Ants are a good illustration of this. I have seen ants approach a chemical barrier, sensing there is a danger they move safely along its parameter without crossing the “Oh No Zone”. When instinct tells them there is no way around, they start marching across the Zone, sometimes by the thousands. Though many die, eventually they make a safe path for the remaining colony to access a source of food, your pantry. Even though there is material on both sides, they are able to pass safely through the Zone. The first Zone is outside; the next is inside, which in most cases is enough to stop them from moving into your living areas and gaining access to fresh baked cookies, or your favorite chocolates.

It is important to note that most materials used, especially inside, have a life expectancy of about 30 days. After this date, the Zone used to control insects degrades and eventually disappears and it is no longer protecting you, your family and pets. This is why bi-monthly servicing generally does not work. When the material is gone, insects will have free access to your home or business.

We take protecting you, your family and pets seriously; and we will do so safely. We do not cut corners that may result in a pest problem re-establishing itself, creating more anxiety and frustration for you. We always provide the best, safest pest control service available, with results you can depend on. Our servicing provides that little bit of extra protection that will assure you of a pest free environment. Now isn’t that good news!

Ask your pest control technician about the “Oh No Zone”. If they do not know, what this is and how effective it is in protecting you, your family and pets, maybe it’s time to call Merle’s Pest Control. They have the answers and solutions to your toughest pest problem.

For fast, friendly and reliable pest control service that is environmentally sound, give Thad a call today for results you will see tomorrow. In Eugene and surrounding areas CALL 541-514-3027.