They Are There, Watching, Waiting…

Victory is coming

It is with faith, hope and courage that we are coming through a most difficult and trying time. While the battle may not be over, we can see victory coming over the horizon.

You may find it helpful to know that many insects are not just a nuisance, but also present a serious health problem. Some harmful summer bugs carry bacteria and other disease causing organisms.

We need to be vigilant and proactive in protecting our homes, our families, our pets and our environment against the pests that disrupt our lives. This is exactly what Merle’s Pest Control 541.915.7581 will do. She will help you take positive action while you maintain your integrity…and sanity.

Don’t Fear

Be concerned, yes. Be fearful, no. Merle’s Pest Control 541.915.7581 has the answers you need. She will provide you with a safe and positive solution to even the most difficult pest problem. She always addresses all your questions and concerns. In addition, the treatments she provides bring results that you will see tomorrow. She can even safely treat your home while you are there; no need to leave unless you choose to do so. All the materials Merle uses in your home or office are odorless; they are safe enough they can even be used in the most sensitive areas of hospitals.

We are now into the warm summer months. You may have already noticed there are various critters outside that are eagerly waiting to setup housekeeping in your home or office…don’t become their victim; call Merle’s Pest Control 541.915.7581 for protection that, starting tomorrow will help keep your home or office environment pest free.

Harmful Summer Bugs

We all know about the many diseases rats and mice carry; but did you know that cockroaches can carry disease-causing bacteria? …ants while one moment are on your bathroom floor; the next on your kitchen counter crawling over your food preparation areas…not a good thing. Even spiders can carry dozens of viruses; however, none, not one is harmful to humans.

The point being; never be motivated by fear. Don’t ever let any pest control company do that to you, but rather be motivated by positive hope and by taking an active participation with Merle’s Pest Control 541.915.7581.  Working with you; together as a team, she will protect one of your most valuable assets, your home; and your most precious asset, your family.

Working with Merle you will be able to enjoy the remainder of your summer days pest free, now that is some positive news.

If you look carefully, you will be able to see the pests that are out there watching and waiting. Let Merle help you keep it that way. Call her today 541.915.7581 for results you will see tomorrow. As always, she only provides the highest quality of materials and service, and at a reasonable price that will put a smile on your face.