The Warm Daze of Summer

The sun is shining and filtering through the leaves of the large Oak tree in your back yard. There is a gentle breeze that is warm and refreshing. A perfect time and setting for a summer afternoon backyard barbecue.

Backyard Barbecue

Everyone had been looking forward, for several months now, to the first backyard barbecue of the summer. Even the dog seemed to sense something special was about to take place.

Preparations for your renowned barbecued ribs now completed…the coals were at the perfect glow; hot and ready to do their job, it’s time to put on your chef’s hat and start the barbecuing. But what is this buzzing around your ribs…oh no, it is the sound of a pending problem…flies, and worse yet Yellow Jackets on the prowl.

Uninvited Guests

You have no intentions of sharing your prized ribs with them, but unless you take drastic measures, you will have to fight the bugs or worse yet, issue each guest a personally monogrammed flyswatter.

You groan because you know this is not the time to be using that smelly, messy aerosol can of bug spray around food or guests. Bugs and toxic chemicals are a bad combination to use at any backyard barbecue. The only thing worse is constantly fighting those pesky insects for your food.

Perfect Solution

Merle’s Pest Control (541.915.7581has the perfect solution, one that will not only solve your pest problem but will also protect your guests, family, pets; and even our environment. Now that is a winning combination. The treatments she offers are effective and safe so relax and enjoy the day with family, friends…and even your pet.

No hype, no empty promises, and no rhetoric you cannot understand. Merle will always provide you with simple, straight and honest answers. She will address all your concerns. In addition, she will get the job done right the first time.

For results, you can trust and depend on, call Merle today at 541.915.7581 and leave those monogrammed fly swatters stored away in your garage, permanently.

You may just have a question that is bugging you; Merle is always there to help and will without obligation to address your concerns and answer your questions.