September…A Time For Your Fleas To Flee….

Here we are again, right in the middle of the flea season…your dog or cat is scratching…you are itching like crazy…this is no fun! It is time for the fleas to flee, and Thad is here to make sure they do just that!

Fleas are small flightless insects from the order Siphonaptera with bodies that flatten sideways. This flattening makes them almost impossible to crush. They are parasites, they live by consuming the blood of their hosts, yours or your pets, it makes no difference to them; a free meal is a free meal. This makes you and your warm-blooded pets a primary target

Fleas prefer temperatures of 65-80 degrees and humidity levels of 75-85 percent. Since we keep our homes warm in the winter, fleas can survive very nicely inside even if the temperatures outside are freezing.

You are already probably aware; they are known to transmit various harmful diseases to humans. They can also infest your pet with tapeworms; not a very pleasant experience.

Can I Control Them Myself?

It is important to understand that over counter products from your home improvement store are generally not sufficient to combat a flea infestation. Here is why. Most chemicals used for flea control are aerosols (gaseous materials which deliver pyrethrum as an active ingredient). These aerosol foggers often times are excessively and overly use to the point where they are dangerous. Not because of the ingredients but because of excessive amount of units used. While this may reduce the immediate problem, this is not sufficient for effective flea control. Any fleas hidden in cracks and crevices where the aerosols do not and cannot reach are safe after about two hours.

Another problem; when aerosols are used improperly they can and often do leave a sticky and smelly residue behind. This residue can contaminate your kitchen counters and food preparation areas. Any food left out and uncovered will be contaminated as well and must be thrown out…very expensive and time consuming.

What Can I Do?

Thad has the right technology to properly and safely solve your flea problem. It takes more than just an aerosol based material to achieve desired results. It takes a combination of other materials as well. By using specialized application methods Thad is able to effective and safely eliminate not only the adult flea but the hatching eggs.

It takes a high level of skill and training, which Thad has, to effectively use these safely and effectively to achieve the results you deserve. No empty promises here, just results.

Thad at Merle’s Pest Control (541-514-3027) has both the right materials and technology to effectively and safely treat your flea problem. She will do so while protecting you, your family, your pets; as well as our environment. She only uses materials that are safe enough to be used in hospitals yet are efficient enough for your toughest pest problem. When Thad is done with the treatment, there is no oily residue to clean up; no offensive odor to deal with…now that is good news.

Thad (541-514-3027) only provides the highest quality of service and at reasonable prices as well. Her skills and application methods exceed the industries standard for excellence. She has rightfully earned the admiration and respect of her peers…just thought you might like to know.

For quality service that is reasonably priced; and for results you will see tomorrow, give Thad a call today at 541-514-3027.

DIY Tips

Here are some tips and suggestions for those who would like to try their own control.

1.Vacuum all carpet and non-carpeted areas, yes, including hardwood floors

2.Before vacuuming remove all movable items off the floor, including closet floors, and under bed storage.

3.If you have forced air heating with floor vents, remove the covers and vacuum inside (flea larva eatdust,human and animal hair)

4.After vacuuming throw the vacuum bag away in your outside trash receptacle (left inside, the vacuumed eggs will hatch)

5.Once the floor areas are treated everyone, including pets, must stay off the carpet until it is completely dry

6.Be sure to bathe your pets with a soap formulated for flea control. Be sure to wash their bedding as well, this is a must

7.Make sure all outside crawl space vents are secure and not torn or damaged (cats love to go under your house…perfect breeding ground for fleas)

For more helpful hints or to schedule an appointment give Thad a call today at 541-514-3027. She specializes in satisfied customers. If it’s time for your fleas to flee call today for results you will see tomorrow.