Spooky…there are two beady red eyes staring at you.

It is 2am; you awaken to the strange sound of scratching. You sleepily look over the edge of your bed. Staring back at you are two evil beady red eyes. You frantically let out a screech as you turn your night light on…the mouse jumps from fright…scurries quickly under your bed…this wakes up your husband who jumps out of bed only to step on the frightened mouse, which squeals in panic. Your husband falls, hitting the night stand…knocking it over and breaking the lamp. Unhurt, the mouse quickly scurries and disappears into a tiny hole in the wall. You will have to use your imagination as to what follows. It was not pleasant!

It’s Spook Time

The Fall season, as the outside evening temperature begins to drop, is a time mice begin to look for a warm and comfortable place to overwinter. Your home is a primary target.

Since their skeletal structure allows them to squeeze through a hole as small as the size of a dime, they will have very little difficulty finding their way into your house (this is why they can seemingly disappear into thin air). Once inside your house they will quickly discover your store of food in your pantry or garage. Then their fun begins.

The most common species of mice to find in your home is “The House Mouse” (Mus musculus). They are generally small and slim with a characteristic pointed nose. In the comfortable environment of your home they can typically live for approximately 5 months. During that time they will consume and contaminate not only your store of food but also your plates, cups and silverware as they run across them. For as they run, they urinate on everything leaving behind a very distinct odor.

Since their teeth grow at the rate of 6 inches per year, it is necessary for them to gnaw on various items such as furniture, books, walls, cabinets, and electrical wiring to keep their teeth from growing through their skulls. Their gnawing on wiring is a potential cause for fires and electrical shorts; this could be the reason your dishwasher stopped working.

We Ain’t Afraid

To avoid having an early morning fright fest, you need to scurry to your phone and call Thad at Merle’s Pest Control today 541-514-3027. She will effectively eliminate your mouse problem before they can contaminate your dishes and cause you hundreds of dollars to replace tainted food. She has a safe system to protect you, your family and our environment against a current or potential mouse invasion.

Now here is what you can do to effectively discourage them from entering your home:

1. Keep bulk foods stored in sealed containers and keep these containers away from walls.

2. Place bulk pet food in sealed containers and pick up pet dishes at night.

3. No food on the kitchen counters or tables overnight.

4. Make sure floors in dining or cooking areas are swept or vacuumed to remove any crumbs.

5. Be sure to seal all holes and gaps over 1/4 inch.

6. Look for possible points of entry including under doors that do not properly seal when closed, garage doors that have gaps along the sides and bottom, any pipes that enter the foundation.

7. Outside, check foundation vents to be sure there are no holes

8. Remove weeds, overgrown grass, shrubs and bushes away from the foundation.

9. Relocate lumber and firewood as well as other materials stacked up against the house or garage.

For answers you can trust and for service that is always reliable and safe, call Thad at Merles’ Pest Control 541-514-3027. She has the right materials to solve your mice problem quickly and effectively. She will eliminate these nasty pests while safely protecting you, your family, your pets, and our environment. Now that is a winning combination…no more beady red eyes staring at you in the early morning hours, just peace, quiet and restful sleep. Thad provides the service that you deserve, so call her today 541-514-3027 for positive results you will see tomorrow.