Smack!Slam! Bamm!…OOPS!

Pests in your home are not only upsetting and a nuisance, with good cause; they can and often do introduce harmful bacteria and germsthat can lead to upset and sickness. One moment the pests are on your bathroom floor, the next on your kitchen counter spreading some of the known 92 harmful bacteria they can carry. On the other hand, you may find these unwanted and unwelcome pests have invaded your pantry and ruined your stored goods. It is just not your food is not the only item at risk; some pests can also cause serious and costly structural damage to your home.

You can try various do-it-yourself solutions; and there are many. However, these often are very intimidating because of their complexity. They are potentially dangerous if not properly applied. With so many products and methods available, so many different chemicals, electronic, and mechanical devices, you may find the choices are overwhelming.

Of course, the big question is which one is the right one for your particular problem?It is a question that needs addressing, but not in a haphazard way. You need the right answers, the right materials and the right application methods otherwise; your efforts will result in a futile attempt to deal with your pest problem.

Ok, now you have chosen a product to use. You start reading the label instructions to discover it is confusing. There is terminology and words unfamiliar to you. The label says to use one ounce of chemical concentrate per gallon of wonder if perhaps you should use two ounces for a better kill ratio, bad choice! Now what does it mean, “crack and crevice” treatments? Why not spray the entire kitchen counter and floors for better results, (many have done just that with grievous results)? While the answer to these questions seem obvious, all too many do not follow the label directions (they are there for your protection) and as a result face disastrous and even very dangerously toxic results. These consequences can lead to anunscheduledvisit to the ER doctor. The doctor, no doubt, can relate some very scary situations involving toxic poisonings from the homeowners’ misuse of chemicals…the customer did not read let alone follow the label! The label is not a “pop quiz” or “multiple choice”, it is very exact and precise…if you are going to attempt pest control yourself, follow the label!

Pest control involves a very serious and strict system of technology and application skills. You need not only the right materials, equipment, and application methods; you also need a time and tested technique to gain control.

If you are like most individuals, you lack the necessary training in the safe application system using pest control chemicals; and for that matter, even the right materials to use. It is not a question of your ability but rather it is one of education and training involving the safe use of pesticides. It takes time and a great deal of experience to determine what materials to use, and how and when to apply them precisely and safely.

Now here is where Thad can help. She has the training and skill necessary to resolve your pest problem. With multiple hundreds of hours of intense training (no guesswork involved) you can be assured of the results you deserve. To protect you, your family, your pets and our environment call Thad at Merle’s Pest Control at 541-514-3027 today for positive results you will see tomorrow. Additionally, the treatments she offers are so precise and effective they can be done at your convenience and while you are at home, no need to leave. That is because the materials used in your home are not only safe and EPA registered, they are odorless as well. Thad has the right tools, the right and latest technology, and the necessary equipment to get the job done effectively the first time. She accomplishes this without putting you or your family at risk. For fast, reliable and safe pest control, without the smelly mess of lingering chemical odors from doing it yourself, call Thad today at 541-514-3027