Resurrection Sunday is almost here. This is a very special, unique and exciting time for Christianity worldwide. It is a celebration of life and hope. Unlike the hope of winning the lottery; which is and empty hope that is based on time and chance? The hope found in Christ is based on His promise and a guarantee and will be fulfilled. His empty tomb is His personal assurance that a resurrection will take place for us as well.

When His disciples entered His tomb, it was empty…well, almost.

What they saw inside was His burial garments; He was gone. One special piece had a unique and particular meaning…

The napkin that covered the Savior’s face, to their amazement was neatly folded and placed aside. It was not tossed or crumples, but neatly folded.

An interesting observation, but how does that relate to us today?

It was the custom of the Hebrews as well as the Romans that when the master of the house was at the dinner table eating his meal; if he crumpled up the napkin it immediately told the slave servants that he was finished. They knew it was time for them to go to work clearing the table and putting everything away. However, now this is important, if he neatly and carefully folded his napkin and placed it on the table; the servants understood that this was a signal for them. It clearly meant they were NOT to touch anything; he was telling them he was coming back. So they would wait with great expectation for him to return to finish his meal.

When His disciples saw the folded* napkin that covered The Savior’s face, they knew it meant they should not worry; He was going to return…

You can rest assured in the knowledge of the promise He made, He does not lie; when the time is right He will return…now that should put joy in your heart, a dance in your step, and a smile on your face..very awesome indeed!

From Merle’s Pest Control to you and yours; have a joyful celebration for He is risen!

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