Let us face it, we all like simple solutions to problems. We all enjoy the satisfaction that comes from resolving pest problems on our own. Trouble is, sometimes these quick and seemingly simple solutions lead to further and bigger complications.

We need to realize that over-the-counter pest control chemicals have one serious side effect…they generally do not work adequately. This is mainly due to not reading or misinterpreting the label directions. Then there is the difficulty of applying them in the proper manner. Using the wrong type of sprayer, commonly found in home improvement stores, to apply the chemical results in over spraying, running and puddles of sticky and smelly chemicals. The inclination for us is to add just a little bit more concentrate of chemical than the label requires. Isn’t adding a little more better?…the reality it actually results in compounding the problem by making it worse.

How does it make it worse?

Too much chemical concentrate added will increase the percentage of active ingredient; this will act as a repellent. It drives the target insect into a heightened awareness there is danger; instinct kicks in and they move away from the spray and deeper into hiding until the danger is past. This little bit extra can also add additional contaminants into your household environment at dangerous levels that can present a serious health concern.

Then there is using the wrong chemicals for the targeted pest, this is a very common occurrence. This will lead to negative results; almost a total failure of gaining control over your pest problem. In a sensible way it would be comparable to using baking soda instead of baking powder when making your favorite biscuits…the results are so horrible; they are completely inedible…even a desperate cockroach would not venture to take a bite. It would be a bit like trying to eat a Hockey Puck…actually the Hockey Puck would probably taste better! It is all about using the right material in the right way at the right time with the right equipment to achieve desired results.

If you choose to do-it-yourself, please be sure to read the label for the right targeted pest. Once you have the right chemical, follow the label directions precisely as stated. This will give you the best opportunity for success. Anything less will result in a great deal of mumbling and complete failure.

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