While the cartoon may be amusing, there is a very serious side to it as well. Some pest control technicians have a practice of being careless, especially around children and pets. After all, you represent just one of their hundreds of customers; and just a number on a computer readout. For most large companies you will be rotated out of their service schedules in a few months anyway with someone new showing up.

This is what makes Merle at Merle’s Pest Control 541.915.7581, so very different. She really cares about you and your family; and even your pets. You are not just a number on computer readout. You are real people with real and genuine concerns about, not only your pest problem, but our environment as well.

Merle is the sole owner and operator of her business. You will never have an endless stream of unknown and sometimes questionable technicians in your home and around your family. Merle will always be there to address your concerns using the latest technology and materials to solve your toughest pest problem while protecting your home and family.

In today’s ever changing world it takes a great deal of effort to keep up with the new technology and chemistry of the pest control industry. For it is not just a matter of spray a little here and little there…it is using the right material, in the right places, at the proper time. It takes an understanding of how pests function, where they nest, and what are their favorite foods.

As important, which pests present a dangerous health problem compared to the ones that are just a nuisance. A misjudgment here can be catastrophic. Merle knows the difference and has the right ongoing training, materials to handle each one; protecting you, your family and pets…and even protecting the structural integrity of your house.

So if this “bug man” looks all too familiar, maybe you need to change to a professional pest control service. Call Merle at 541.915.7581 for fast, friendly and reliable pest control service. She has all the right tools to safely solve your toughest pest problem. She will do so promptly, with great skill and safety. For every pest control program that she uses is specifically designed for your situation.  No guesswork here, no wishful thinking, just a pre-planned program that works. All equipment and materials that she uses are of the highest quality. Her standards either meet or exceed those set by the EPA and state of Oregon. This means any material she uses in your home is safe for you and your family, your pets and our environment.  Merle uses the right materials that are safe; the right equipment, and the latest technology; now this is a winning combination to solve your pest problem.

For results, you can always depend on, call Merle, at Merle’s Pest Control 541.915.7581  today for results you can count on tomorrow.