Merle has declared war on all pests in the Eugene, Springfield and surrounding area. This is good news for you. It is very bad news for itty-bitty critters; she gave notice, they are no longer welcome or safe!

Serious Protection

Merle takes protecting you, your family, your pets and our environment very seriously. That is why she only uses materials in your home that are formulated with such precise standards that, among other places, they are used in the most sensitive areas of hospitals. This guarantees protection and safety for you and your family; this is the quality service that you deserve, this is the quality of service Merle offers, call today 541.915.7581.

In addition, she continually keeps appraised of the latest in technology and equipment that offers the safest and most reliable application methods. This also adds to protecting you and your loved ones. Now that makes good sense!

Is it that bad?

Merle knows that some insects like cockroaches can carry up to 92 bacteria and disease causing organisms. These pests are problematic because one moment they are on your bathroom floor, the next crawling on your kitchen food preparation areas. She is here to put an end to their continually being a nuisance and a health threat.

Many have said that they have only seen a couple of cockroaches…the problem just is not that bad. What most do not realize is that once fertilized (she only needs to mate once in her lifetime) a single cockroach can produce almost one million roaches in just one year. Just think about how many roaches just 10 can produce, or 50…It will not be long before you realize that this seemingly small problem has escalated into a major pest problem… For each cockroach can live up to 215 days, or possibly longer. During its lifetime, the female roach lays dozens of egg capsules, each containing up to 42 separate eggs. When they hatch all these little roaches (nymphs)…these ity-bity nymphs seemingly explode with activity…then one morning you wake up only to find them in your favorite morning coffee cup.

Do not let this happen to you! Even seeing a single roach should be cause for concern, and signal a call to action.

Can I do it myself?

The DIY attitude will in most cases lead to failure…and here is why.

Consider the chemicals that are available to you from your local home improvement store. Actually, the active ingredient (depending upon the product) can work. The problem it not with the chemical; it is the lack of technology and skills to know how and where to apply them…sometimes even the time of day for an application is a critical concern. Even worse, using the wrong concentration of any product presents a serious problem. More is never better; it actually will make the problem worse. Too much concentration, anything beyond the label recommendation, can turn the chemical into a forceful and effective repellent driving roaches and other insects in inaccessible areas of wall voids. This will not solve your problem, it will only make it worse.

Electronic sonic devices do have a momentary effect. However, it does not take long for roaches and other insects to adapt to the ultrasonic vibrations. In the end, they are expensive, useless, and only temporarily effective. It provides an illusion of safety that will lead to disastrous results.

Merle has declared war on all pests

If you want reliable results that have a proven history to work, and that are safe, give Merle a call today 541.915.7581. Just check her positive customer reviews and you will conclude she does have a system that is effective, safe and brings you the positive results you and your family deserve.

Living in a pest free environment is what Merle’s Pest Control is all about; call today for results you will see tomorrow. Merle provides peace of mind and the security you deserve, and it is just a phone call away 541.915.7581.